Immutable.js: The True Joy of JavaScript

I remember when a few years ago I bumped into Beginning Scala by David Pollak. At the time I had no idea how this book would impact my future choices »

AngularJS project skeleton

I joined to project in the middle of development process exactly when I was starting my adventure with AgularJS. Before this I read some guides and tutorials, but it was »

Purescript will make you purr like a kitten

I love Javascript, I really do. It gives you this warm fuzzy feeling in your belly that you also get when looking at pictures of munchkin cats, unicorns or budgie »

Clean pending OS X Calendar invites

When you have OS X configured to use google CalDAV calendars (e.g. for your custom domain) it collects more and more invites that you cannot get rid »

Xcode Swift Code Snippets

I want to present you some convenient code snippets I gathered recently for Swift. As Swift becomes more and more popular, it gains CocoaPods support and probably more and more »

Quicksort the Swift way

Quicksort algorithm is in my opinion the most elegant sorting algorithm. In this article I'll show you how to use Swift playgrounds to make fun writing and understanding algorithms. Quicksort »

KBContactsSelection - iOS Address Book UI library

KBContactsSelection is an iOS Address Book UI library distributed as standalone component that allows you to easily search and select contacts in your Address Book and redirect to Mail or »

How to restore partial data from Time Machine backup after OS X Yosemite clean installation

How did I get here Lately I updated my MacBook Pro operating system to OS X Yosemite. Since the time I bought it in 2012 I always performed updates on »

Celebrities naked photos leak - how to protect your iPhone, Android and Windows Phone ?

Today whole world talks about leaked naked photos of well-known celebrities. There is a lot of theories how did it happen but it all comes to a conclusion that it »

KBRoundedButton - beautiful rounded rect button with dynamic colors and activity indicator

KBRoundedButton allows you to create beautiful rounded rect button with dynamic colors and activity indicator, completely in Interface Builder. Button's corners alre always rounded to half of it's height. Installation »