SwiftTeamSelect - Swift example of SpriteKit player selection scene

author: Kamil Burczyk Today I will describe Swift implementation of SpriteKit SKScene with scrollable team selection that works like a gif below. Whole project is available on GitHub. My previous »

Share data between iOS apps without jailbreak with .bmp files

author: Kamil Burczyk Camouflage Camouflage is a category of NSData that allows you to store it as .bmp file in iOS Camera Roll and read it from there. Camera Roll »

Avoiding dependency collisions in iOS static library managed by CocoaPods

author: Kamil Burczyk After previous 2 tutorials we have a CocoaPods project that can be easily built for multiple architectures and is merged into one static library, but... What happens »

Automatic build of static library for iOS and many architectures

author: Kamil Burczyk Last time I showed you how to create a static library using CocoaPods. Now it's time to build a distribute package. First of all you probably wonder »

Developing private static library for iOS with CocoaPods

author: Kamil Burczyk Today I will show you how to create a private static library for iOS which is a CocoaPods project itself and use it in your CocoaPods managed »

Restoring NSLayoutConstraints after a change

author: Kamil Burczyk If you ever had a situation when your precisely crafted Auto Layout view had to be transformed (moved, resized etc.) and then changed back to its original »

UIForLumberjack - display your CocoaLumberjack logs on iOS device

author: Kamil Burczyk CocoaLumberjack is probably the best logging system for iOS and OS X systems. With it's asynchronous logging, log levels and support for XcodeColors it's the ultimate solution »

Is Android's new build system production ready?

We've been pretty psyched about Android Studio and Gradle ever since it's showcase at Google I/O 2013. Not giving it much thought we dived into it when Android Studio »

AppSettings - iOS easy way to manage settings in your app

author: Kamil Burczyk AppSettings is a simple tool that allows automatic serialization and deserialization of objects to NSDictionary with writing and reading them from NSUserDefaults. Originally created to simply manage »