Xcode Swift Code Snippets

I want to present you some convenient code snippets I gathered recently for Swift. As Swift becomes more and more popular, it gains CocoaPods support and probably more and more »

KBContactsSelection - iOS Address Book UI library

KBContactsSelection is an iOS Address Book UI library distributed as standalone component that allows you to easily search and select contacts in your Address Book and redirect to Mail or »

Celebrities naked photos leak - how to protect your iPhone, Android and Windows Phone ?

Today whole world talks about leaked naked photos of well-known celebrities. There is a lot of theories how did it happen but it all comes to a conclusion that it »

KBRoundedButton - beautiful rounded rect button with dynamic colors and activity indicator

KBRoundedButton allows you to create beautiful rounded rect button with dynamic colors and activity indicator, completely in Interface Builder. Button's corners alre always rounded to half of it's height. Installation »

SwiftTeamSelect - Swift example of SpriteKit player selection scene

author: Kamil Burczyk Today I will describe Swift implementation of SpriteKit SKScene with scrollable team selection that works like a gif below. Whole project is available on GitHub. My previous »

Share data between iOS apps without jailbreak with .bmp files

author: Kamil Burczyk Camouflage Camouflage is a category of NSData that allows you to store it as .bmp file in iOS Camera Roll and read it from there. Camera Roll »

Avoiding dependency collisions in iOS static library managed by CocoaPods

author: Kamil Burczyk After previous 2 tutorials we have a CocoaPods project that can be easily built for multiple architectures and is merged into one static library, but... What happens »

Automatic build of static library for iOS and many architectures

author: Kamil Burczyk Last time I showed you how to create a static library using CocoaPods. Now it's time to build a distribute package. First of all you probably wonder »

Developing private static library for iOS with CocoaPods

author: Kamil Burczyk Today I will show you how to create a private static library for iOS which is a CocoaPods project itself and use it in your CocoaPods managed »

Restoring NSLayoutConstraints after a change

author: Kamil Burczyk If you ever had a situation when your precisely crafted Auto Layout view had to be transformed (moved, resized etc.) and then changed back to its original »